Monday, March 2, 2015


In 2012 I wrote this article about the contents of my bag at the time. It had a lot of gear in it.

Sometime in the summer of 2013 ( I think) that bag was stolen out of my office. Apparently this is a thing of midtown NYC; sometimes vagrants and mendicants will open the doors of offices, snatch the first thing they see, if no one is immediately watching, and take off.

That day, my bag was mostly filled with heavy hardcovers I was bringing home from Comic Con International in San Diego. The thief in question ditched the books (and some other items) in the stairwell, and kept going with my bag. I lost a precious Swiss-tool, but everything else was easily replaceable.

It was infuriating nevertheless.

Smash-cut to two years later, and much of the gear I used to carry every day has been broken off into specific bags. A gym bag, a cycling bag, and a carry-on bag for planes all have very specific needs that don't overlap entirely with my daily items. This barely touches on the diaper bag, which is a whole other ball of neurotic wax.


Bandana, keys, phone, and "wallet". A few months ago I moved away from the bulkier traditional folding wallet, got this slim piece of metal with an elastic band. It fits perfectly the few cards I need daily, and is quite handy. You can check them out here.

The iphone 5 case is ala the CBLDF, and available here.

Not pictured; SUNGLASSES, prescription. They go in a special place.


This is a classic messenger bag from Manhattan Portage, a gift from my bride after the loss of my old bag. I can't find the actual make and model, it's possible it is no longer in production. It has an Adam West Batman button on it.


Sketchbook, and pencil. I don't do nearly as much drawing as I used to, and as I should, but I keep supplies handy for when then spirit moves me. The pencil is a Palomino Blackwing 602, which I keep around the house in bulk.

I love my iPad. I am not ashamed to say that. It is one of the most useful tools I've ever owned. The headphones are a random brand, and change frequently, as I am not great about keeping them safe, and I use them a lot. They get a lot of miles in a year. As someone who can't stand to hear other people eating, talking, breathing, chewing gum, or basically making any noise, these are an absolute necessity for a subway train commute.

There is always at least one book in the bag, usually more. Sometimes there are comic books. Right now I am on a very rabid Wodehouse kick, which was jump-started when I realized that there were several Jeeves and Wooster books I had not read. When I need a break from Wodehouse, I have been re-reading all of the original Ian Fleming 007 novels, which I cannot recommend highly enough. They are great literature of the highest order.

This pocket usually also has an assortment of other junk (clean clothes for after gym, extra books, whatever I need to transport to and fro) but none of it classifies as "Every Day Carry".


Pencil-case with a variety of pens and pencils. Again, I do not draw enough, but hope springs eternal. Extra business cards, Field Notes, and a new Swiss Tool. Afrin, because as I get older I find I can't breathe anymore. My body is betraying me. A first aid kit, which has a lot of essential items that I try not to need.

Finally, a soft case of plugs, wires, connectors, and an external battery. This case used to be for art supplies, but I found I had so many chargers in my life (bluetooth speaker and keyboard, phone, tablet, charger for battery) that I needed to sort and store them all in a more thoughtful way. (That case, and the pencil case, get transferred over to the carry-on bag when I travel).

I've dropped a few things (or moved them to other bags) that I found I rarely used, like rope, flashlight, spare bandana, and a few other sundries. It's all about streamlining. 

I love Every Day Carry lists. I dare you to look at this website, or this category of posts at lifehacker, and try not to get jealous of all the excellent gear.

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