Thursday, January 6, 2011

Duck Bacon

Nerds do their constant best to ruin everything. Everything. And since the Internet became The Thing That All Nerds Do All The Time, the speed at which things get ruined has increased exponentially. It took them 21 or so years to ruin Star Trek.

They went from Captain Awesome to this tool.

But these days something can be really great for just a day or two and nerds just run it into the ground. I sometimes feel this way about bacon. You can't go a day on the internet without reading about some kind of bacon bullshit. Bacon pajamas, bacon band aids, bacon stuffed animals and, lo, do the bleeting nerdsheep sing the praises. And that's a sad thing because bacon is fucking delicious.

A few weeks ago I was at a local grocery store, just a goddam C-Towntowntowntowntown in fact, looking for ingredients to make my part of a Thanksgiving dinner. I saw they had some nice stuff, including bacons from D'Artagnan, a delicious small company. When I looked closer, I saw they even had wild boar bacon and . . .duck bacon.

Well I grabbed the nearest girl I could find and had her take me to her apartment. Luckily, I knew her. We got a skillet and opened up these wondrous packages for immediate taste-testing. Let me tell you, wild boar bacon is really good. A subtler but still rich flavor and great texture.

But duck bacon?

Holy shit. That's pure Awesome. Unbelievably rich, which is not surprising considering how fatty duck can be, but not overpoweringly heavy. Let's face it, the drawback of bacon tends to be the way you feel after you're done tasting it. Duck bacon? No such problem.

Since then I've sworn by the stuff. I rendered the fat from some to cook a green bean dish. I peppered it into a chili I made (8 meats, aw shit). And I think about it pretty much constantly. Duck's a fine thing. My next step is finding a good place to get more duck products. I'm not going to be satisfied until Operation Duckburger is finally accomplished.

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