Saturday, July 7, 2007


We don't get so far anymore, but we live in a world where people travel in space. They have big ceramic-plated airplanes that get shot out of our blue skies attached to enormous explosives. Then they do a bunch of science stuff and poop in zero gravity and come home.

It's pretty cool, but I'm afraid the golden age of Space Travel might be behind us. The Mercury missions were all kinds of awesome, and awfully hard to top, in terms of sheer HOLY SHIT bravery and raw bad-assitude. Military pilots who could withstand the most brutal physical exertions were strapped into tiny metal pods and fired into orbit like mortar shells. Ex-Nazis with slide-rules computed trajectories while these guys went, quite literally, where no human has gone before.

(THE RIGHT STUFF is a great book and full of jaw-droppingly rad information. If you haven't read it yet, maybe it's time you did.)

Fictional space travel is rather excellent as well, although frequently ridiculous. "Hyper-drives" and "warp speeds" kinda pale in comparison to strapping men to the top of a freaking missile.
Kiss my ass, Skywalker! You big pussy!

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Dan said...

I've always said that if I ever have the opportunity to get out into space, I will do it without a second's hesitation.

I don't care if I never come back, or had to sell an arm to do it. I want to go out there SO BAD.